How to get rid of annoying thoughts how to single out writer? Use the ratings!

Even before the Internet came into being in the early 1990’s, consumers relied on an aggregate authority’s word when it came to getting vendors or good products. The need brought the consumer report magazine to the fore with a lot of people, including industry luminaries looking forward to its distribution.

The magazine answered a need that is entrenched in humans; we want to get a second opinion before we spend money on something/someone. This ensures that one not only has adequate information to make a decision, but also ensures that the chances of being scammed are slim.

With the continuous growth experienced in the e-commerce sector, a lot of experts attribute their success to the immediacy of consumer reports. Buyers can see what past buyers said before they can make a decision. Even e-commerce companies like Amazon, have spent billions of dollars refining their consumer reports to make the buying experience memorable to their consumers.

In the essay writing industry however, such impartial customer reviews or direct customer feedback are absent. This has led to many of us who see students as consumers worried and fired up to do something.

Students as consumers

Students consume a wide range of things online. They buy their books, pay for services like dating and libraries, and essays from online essay writing companies when their seats become too hot. Without a form of consumer protection to cover them in the essays they buy, many of them are exposed to potential hurt. Research has shown us that many students suffer from the hands of some essay writing companies.

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Why it’s relevant to review essay writing companies

Students should not spend money on rogue essay writing companies which keep proliferating. With an impartial review of essay writing services, while accepting customer feedback, one can easily protect students from rogue companies. But that isn’t the only crucial factor; reviewing essay writing companies will reveal to them the best platforms where they should be spending their money as far as shopping for essays is concerned. helps students see the best of the best as far as essay writing providers are concerned.

How it works

There are two levels of consumer reports on this website. The first set comes from real customers. These ones leave customer reviews for every essay writing company they have used in the past. The second one comes from experts who check out and report on each of the companies the students have used.